The Top Six Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Pandora rings

Congratulations. It’s your anniversary. Now you just need to find the perfect anniversary gift for your girlfriend. You want something that shows her that you value the relationship you have built together.

1. Pandora rings make a wonderful anniversary gift. They come in a wide variety of metals and stones. You can choose something as elaborate as a piece of gold jewellery adorned with diamonds or as simple as an unadorned sterling silver chain.

2. Flowers are always a welcome gift. Women have enjoyed receiving lovely bouquets of fresh blooms for a very long time. A dozen red roses has long been considered the perfect way to show you remember an important date like her birthday or your anniversary.

3. Lockets make a nice anniversary gift because they can be personalized with engraving and by placing a personal photo inside. In the past, people even kept a lock of hair inside a locket spring bulbs. If your girlfriend appreciates traditional gifts, a locket makes an excellent choice. Don’t forget to add a tiny photo of the two of you or a lock of your hair for a personal touch.

4. Naming a star in her honour is one anniversary gift that your girlfriend will never forget. The only drawback to this thoughtful gift is that it can’t be seen without the benefit of a telescope so it’s not the type of gift she can wear on her wrist or show off to her friends and family.

5. If you’re ready for responsibility, adopting a puppy together can be a good anniversary gift. Adopting a puppy is a grand gesture that shows you are ready to commit to sharing your lives. However, you should do this only if you are 100% certain that you and your girlfriend can provide this beautiful and loving animal the life it deserves.

6. If you are really unsure what your girlfriend really wants for your anniversary, you can purchase her a gift certificate. The benefit of a gift certificate is that she can choose exactly what she wants for a present. The drawback is that she may not feel it is personal enough. It’s up to you to determine carefully whether a gift certificate would make your girlfriend feel as valued as a special piece of jewellery would.

The Pandora Christmas Jewellery Collection

Pandora Christmas Jewellery

The Pandora Christmas Jewellery Collection is an ideal option for giving thoughtful and meaningful gifts to loved ones. If you have given family members special Christmas ornaments or other personalized items for the holiday, consider gifting a lovely charm bracelet, individual charm or ring as a memento of your affection. The unique thing about this jewellery collection is that you can choose the gift based on not only the style and metal of the jewellery but also by favourite colour.

The Pandora Christmas Jewellery Collection offers individual charms in gold, silver, or two-toned. After deciding on the metal, you then get to sort out options based on colour. If you are choosing gifts for someone that adores the colour purple, you have the option of buying charms with that colour, such as dangling flowers with purple stones. There are several colour options in addition to purple, such as orange, green, blue, and even black. When navigating the website, it’s easy to sort out options based on the price that you wish to spend.

Pandora Christmas Jewellery

The charm bracelets in the Pandora Christmas Jewellery Collection come in the same options for metals. There are also a myriad of colour options, such as black and orange. One option is to choose a classic and fun silver bracelet, with an adorable snowman charm on it. Substitute the snowman for a Christmas tree if you like. There are also options for virtually every price range.

If you would like to gift someone an elegant, delicate ring this Christmas, choose one from the Pandora Christmas Jewellery Collection. There are also options in several different colours, price points, and metals. A lovely option for a young woman is one of the rings with a silver band, with a silver star at the end of it and a touch of gold in the middle of that star.

A sparkly thin band is perfect for a wife or girlfriend. It can commemorate your first year together or even your 10th Christmas together. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to go wrong with sparkly jewellery. One of the rings in the Christmas collection is a band set with red gemstones that go around the entire band. It is reminiscent of an eternity band. The red stones give it the Christmas look and feel. Stars are a recurring theme in jewellery offered in this collection. It can represent the star that goes atop your Christmas tree.

Festival time is coming, be ready with the festival clothing!

festiva clothing

Festival is a happy time for most people. It’s time to get dress and celebrate for the festival motivation, spring festival or Nothing Hill festival if you are living in London, UK.  For each festival season, girls are more excited about their clothes, jewelries and accessories in general. They are willing to find the right festival clothing for their best look and get ready to go for a good time during the festival season.

Beautiful dresses with variety in colors from fashion designers are available in the market. Most girls keep their eyes on these designs and then make their decision whether to go for that particular dress or not. The most popular color for festival clothes are golden, red or pink and other bright colors. But if you are looking for your own style festival clothing, you can visit “Joe Browns website” and get the idea for your own design.

festival clothing

By this way, you can get the idea for your outfit together with your hair style at the same time. With Joe Browns, you can also complete your jewelries and accessories that go along with your outfit in just one click. Then, with your order in advance, you can be sure that all things you need for this special event will arrive at your door just in time for the festival time. All you need to do is to dress up and then ready to go out for this happy time.

Kate Middleton’s bouquet

Kate Middleton's bouquet

Kate Middleton's bouquet


Kate Middleton’s homegrown bouquet of lily of the valley follows royal code
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Wedding jewelry trends for 2011

Wedding Flowers Posted by Bell | wedding accessory,wedding jewelry | Wednesday 23 March 2011 6:19 pm

Beautiful brides know the value of choosing just the right jewelry for the big day is just as important as picking out the engagement rings.  Spring brings new options for up-coming nuptials.  Here’s a run-down of what’s fresh for the current season.

White Jewelry

White is the traditional color for brides and this year is no exception.  Jewelry is primarily pearls and diamonds or good quality rhinestones in silver or even invisible settings.  Very little gold and no colored gems were evident in spring’s wedding fashions.

Hair Accessories

Tiaras have overtaken the traditional veil for the warm weather.  Most tiaras were a single band about an inch in width.  Design elements include pearls arranged in daisy shapes or rhinestone-encrusted links that appear to float in the hair.  With this year’s emphasis on a smaller sleeker hairstyle, a dainty tiara is the perfect touch.


Earrings are also a bit smaller and closer to the head.  Post styles were more common than chandeliers though options are not limited to diamond solitaires!  Button styles are available in more shapes than the usual circle, many extending below the earlobe to provide greater stability for pearl or diamond embellishments.  A popular style has multiple pearl drops with rhinestone accents that draw attention to a beautiful neck.


Necklaces are shorter and nestle along the collar bone.  Most of this spring’s showings are jewels links with almost invisible settings that curved close to the throat.  Many are round but sweetheart shapes were also available. Necklaces are thicker than earlier this year and crusted with rhinestones or use pave diamonds to give quite a substantial appearance without weight due to the reflective shine of the stones.


Bracelets are making an appearance, no wonder with the sleeveless styles popular in warmer weather!  The trend is for cuffs rather than single strands and it’s all about pearls.  Multi-strand styles were most common, giving a finished effect to the wrist.  Although the style seems solid, the use of white, cream and crystal or diamond keep the jewelry from being heavy in appearance.